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Association Rules 
Amended - 2020

Disclaimer: In unforeseen circumstances, the current officers and board members reserve the right to temporarily amend the SHA rules to proceed as deemed necessary 


1. MEMBERSHIP: All exhibitors must be a member of Spartanburg Horseman's Association (SHA). No one may enter a class until their membership is current subject to the conditions of Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws.  Additionally, if an application is denied or a member is expelled under conditions of the Bylaws, all points earned shall be forfeited.  A current membership list shall be in the secretary booth at each show and expire on January 31st.

2. COGGINS: South Carolina State Law requires that each hors has proof of a negative Coggins test performed within the past 12 months of the show.

3. BY-LAWS: Each member shall receive a copy of the Bylaws and Rules.  It is the responsibility of each member to know the Bylaws and Rules

4. STALLIONS: No individual under 18 years of age shall be allowed to exhibit a stallion in any class. (Stallion shall constitute any male horse that is not gelded, regardless of age)

5. CLASS SHEET: The Class Sheet for the monthly shows are finalized before the first show and may not be changed during the year

6. SHOW RING: No one, except exhibitors and show officials, shall be allowed in the show ring.  Only show officials are allowed in the booth

7. BACK NUMBER: Back numbers are assigned to a horse and rider combination and should not be changed during the show.  They can differ from show to show. 

8. ATTIRE: All exhibitors must be properly attired for showing.  Refer to appropriate rule book for clarification. Judges will deduct points or excuse an exhibitor for improper attire or equipment.  It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to know what is proper attire and equipment for his/her style of showing.  No shorts, cutoffs, halter tops, tennis shoes, tank tops, etc will be allowed

9. CONDUCT: Unnecessary roughness or discourteous acts will dismiss an exhibitor from further competition in the show.  Good sportsmanship shall always prevail.  Abuse to the horse (at the judges' discretion) will dismiss a rider.  No abuse or unmannerly behavior will be permitted.  If an exhibitor's family or friends are unmannerly or discourteous to any official, the exhibitor will be dismissed from competition for that show.  

10. SHOWS/INCLEMENT WEATHER:  SHA hosts 10 shows per year; held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, February to November.  No show will be held in January or December unless, deemed necessary by the Board.  In case of extreme weather, the show may be postponed.  A makeup show will be scheduled at the discretion of the President.  If a show is cancelled the Park Ranger will be notified by 6:30am on the day of the show and will be posted on the SHA website and Facebook page.  The Treasurer is authorized to pay up to $100.00 traveling expenses to the judge of a cancelled show.  

11.  AGE DIVISIONS: Your age as of January 1 determines your age for Classes noted by Age Division.  An exhibitor can move up to the next age bracket, but cannot move back down

                                      Pee-Wee: 12 years of age or under as of January 1

                                      Youth: 13-18 years of age as of January 1 

                                      Adult: 19 years of age or older as of January 1 

12. ENTRIES/SCRATCHES: Class entries/scratches must be made at least one class before the class you wish to enter.  For scratched classes you will receive a class refund, less $2.  You can transfer a class for an additional $2 fee

13. GATE CALL/TACK CHANGE: The time limit to the gate after last call is announced is One (1) minute.  Secretary booth should be notified at least 2 classes ahead of time for tack changes

14. RULES: All Western and English Classes will abide by the AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION (AQHA) Rules.  Gaited and Saddleseat classes will abide by the US Equestrian Federation (USEF) rules and Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.  Timed events will use the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) rules.  If any of these rules conflict with SHA club rules, Club rules will prevail. 

15.  JUDGES: A judge may judge only one (1) monthly show per calendar year. The Board of Directors approve the judges list for the show year. 

16. LIABILITY: Neither Spartanburg Horseman's Association nor Croft State Park is responsible for accident or injury

17. GREEN HORSE/GREEN RIDER:  Defined as a horse, rider, horse/rider combination for timed events, in their FIRST year of showing.  SHA will still consider a horse or rider to be Green if they showed no more than 3 times the previous year.  Maximum of 2 years in this class. 

18. PROTEST: Any SHA member has the right to protest illegal equipment or actions but not the Judge's placement.  The protest must be filed in writing with a $25 deposit within 10 days after the show to the President.  There shall be no discussion of the show placement results with the judge by anyone other than show officials during the show.  If you have a question you should present it to a board member and they will request a time for the judge to speak with you. 

19. PAYMENTS:  Currently SHA accepts Cash or Check.  A returned check will result in a returned check fee being assessed and forfeiture of any earned points for that show.  All fees and penalties must be paid prior to entering another show.  

20. AWARDS: Ribbons are awarded for 1st-6th place in each class.  To be eligible for year end awards, a horse and rider combination must be shown at least 5 times in that class during the year.  The name of the horse must not be changed during the year.  If a horse's name is changed the points will not apply. A horse and rider combination competing for year end awards must use the same back number. Year end award ties will be broken in the following manner: 

    A. Shown against the greatest number of horses in that class

    B. Shown in the most shows - same class

    C. Consistency of winning over the horse tied with 

    D. Shown in the greatest number of classes 

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