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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Spartanburg County to be a member? 

 No, we welcome membership from all areas of South and North Carolina

How long does my membership last? 

 Memberships renew every January 

How much does a membership cost? 

 Membership is $15 per household per year.  

Can I show in multiple classes? 

Absolutely, you can show in as many classes as you want.  Some classes do have age or division restrictions, but other than that they are open to all

How can I compete for year end awards? 

Riders must show the same horse in a minimum of 5 shows to qualify for year end awards and we offer both Class and Division Awards

Can I compete in more than one style of riding? 

Absolutely, riders are welcome to show in any discipline that we offer .  We do restrict cross entry in some classes based  on specific information, but this is noted on the class sheet.

SHA awards ribbons or poker chips if you place in a class.  Why?  

When you place in a class you can receive a ribbon or a poker chip.  Ribbons are great for display and memories! Poker chips can be collected and turned in at the Awards Banquet for prizes.  Some of the great prizes include saddle pads, bridle bags, coolers, spurs, stirrups, leg wraps, brushes, hoof picks, grooming products and much more. 

What happens if it rains?

Our Board works hard to make sure that we provide a safe and enjoyable show.  Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate and in those cases we will do our best to work the arena, delay or postpone the show.  In these events we recommend that you call the inclement weather line (on the home screen) or check our Facebook page as we update it often during inclement weather.  If we have to reschedule, the show will be held 2 weeks following the original show date. 

Is there an admission fee to the park? 

Yes, Croft State Park charges between $1 and $3 per person for park entry depending upon the patrons age. 

I want to help, how can I get involved? 

We are always happy to have volunteers at the shows to help set up jumps, help at the ribbon table and so much more.  If you're looking for a larger commitment and want to promote the equestrian sport consider becoming a Board Member. 

Frequent questions
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